The title describes it all. Vince Carter is one of the greatest basketball players to watch. His energy is 100% all of the time and I was looking to bring that out in an illustration. I wanted to take a look at the game through his eyes. Rorschach’s are subject to interpretation, but not in this case. It is pretty obvious what he sees every game he play. I think we all like to experience the Vinsanity with him… unless you’re on the opposing team of course.

Dj Tony Schwa


So… I am good friends with a musical genius. I just wanted to take a look inside his head and see where all the talent and skills are generated. Turns out there was nothing special in there, just a good looking brain. If you get a chance, check him out at Cool Out


Puppy Drawing



I don’t think we will ever get used to our animals passing away too soon. I was recently commissioned to illustrate a puppy that left us too soon. Loved the expression of his head tilt and his floppy ear is irreplaceable. Sometimes getting the chance to illustrate a subject is my own way of getting to know them. I never got to meet this “Cota”, but I bet he was a great friend.

My recent postcard submission

Here is my recent postcard entry to the “Wish You Were HereAIGA DFW (American Institute of Graphic Artists) contest. The foreground was the negative space of houses and trees, to represent the strong community and area I grew up in Lakewood. It’s one of the main areas of Dallas where families can live in a safe neighborhood within the city lines and still be near the heart of downtown. The Dallas skyline is there to give a spacial reference point, since that is what the skyline looks like from the neighborhood. but the main visual was the Lakewood theater marquee. It towers above the house, just like it does in real life and in a subtle way I was implying that it is Lakewood’s own little skyscraper. It is riding a bike to reference the neighborhoods abundance of bike riders since White Rock lake is so close and a Penny-Farthing bike represents the general time in history when the neighborhood was developed (around the turn of the century). Feedback is VERY welcome since the deadline is June 7th.20130522-164018.jpg20130522-164153.jpg20130522-164214.jpg

Cock and Bull Poster Process

So I have a birthday coming up and I decided to make a poster to commemorate the event. I animated a video to show the process that went into the poster by dissolving on the layers separately. Had a lot of fun reminiscing about the “good ole days” and thinking of the the imagery I wanted to work with and create. It really amazing what images you come up with when nostalgia comes into play. It was a way of reliving the past while sketching things out.